Rhythmelodic -- Mastering the Tables of Time, Vol. I (About the Book)

About The Book

Mastering the Tables of Time uniquely combines the foundations of rhythm and the foundations of trapset drumming using a common system to assimilate the disciplines of timekeeping, coordination, rudiments, polyrhythms, and musical phrasing.

The table of time provides an inclusive framework for combining these exclusive areas of study to benefit players of any skill level, be it beginner, intermediate, or advanced, with an interest in developing a musical foundation with crystal-clear focus for complete freedom of expression in any direction.

Check out the FREE online Audio & Video Companion which features demonstrations of, and perspective on, many examples within the book. It incorporates sticking, voicing, and ostinato variations (as recommended in the Practice Tips section of each chapter) for "getting off the page" and into greater musical expression of the studies.

Five Stars ***** Mastering the Tables of Time - A Future Classic?

"Fascinating, challenging possibilities through sticking, time and rhythmic concepts. Easily understandable. You can feel yourself improving."
~ Colin Woolway, RHYTHM Magazine (September, 2008)

"This book should become one of the perennial methods for drumset along with other books like Ted Reed's Syncopation, Jim Chapin's Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer, and Gary Chester's The New Breed. It is completely open-ended because there is no end to the applications that are possible to the creative student."
~ Tom Morgan, PERCUSSIVE NOTES ~ The Journal of the Percussive Arts Society (December 2008)

"YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Mark my words, this is THE book to have, dare I say the next Stick Control or Syncopation book for drummers." 5 Cups
~ Bart Elliott, drummercafe.com (February 2009)

"Dive in; you'll find that these exercises will help build upon and improve your independence, creativity, timekeeping skills, and musical phrasing."
~ Will Romano, MODERN DRUMMER Magazine (February 2009)

"The fun thing is that David Stanoch puts every aspect of drumming into timetables. Rudiments, grooves, solo groupings, accent patterns, and so on. This means incredible coordination exercises, and also your technique will be trained thoroughly."
~ Mark Eeftens, SLAGWERKKRANT (September/October 2009)

"Mastering the Tables of Time Volume 1: The Bottom Line: This book contains a wealth of information and exercises that will help drummers of all styles and experience levels expand their creativity by becoming more intimately familiar with the Standard Timetable or so-called Rhythm Scales. While not a work for those who aren't interested in lots of regular practice, those who do put the necessary time into it will gain mastery over a wealth of rhythmic complexities. And, as a bonus, purchasers of the book get free access to the online audio/video companion, courtesy of author David Stanoch."
~ "Tiger" Bill Meligari, tigerbill.com (September 2010)

Four Stars **** ~ A Must Have! "Stanoch's book may have the words 'Mastering' and 'Time' in larger letters on the cover because the diligent student will be much closer to that goal if they work through the material in his book. There is no accompanying CD or DVD but examples can be downloaded from Stanoch's website. This book conatins a LOT of material and will definitely repay time invested in it."
~ Brent Keefe, DRUMMER (UK) (Spring 2010)

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